20% OFF
  • Force-Adjustable Lever Joystick, 1% Outstanding Centering
  • Knob-Adjusted Resistance, 40~100gf Step-Less Adjustment
  • Force-SwitchableVibration Triggers, 256-level Precise Linear Control
  • 4 Remappable Additional Buttons + CZ Buttons, 2 Level Micro-Switchable Mode
  • Wireless1000 High Polling Rate, 1ms Ultra-Low Latency
  • Compatible with Windows 10/11, Switch, Android, iOS
  • 2.4GHz USB & Bluetooth & Wired Connections
  • Joystick-Dedicated Chip, Achieve Linear Control Curve
  • Hybrid D-Pad & Mecha-Tactile ABXY Buttons
  • Flydigi Space Station 3.4 Real-time Customizing

Announcement: The Flydigi Vader 4 Pro is now officially on sale. Orders placed today will be shipped out the same day, with an average delivery time of 3-7 business days.

Vader 4 Pro Only
Vader 4 Pro Only
Vader 4 Pro Only
Vader 4 Pro Only
Magnetic Charging Stand & Bag Bundle
Magnetic Charging Stand & Bag Bundle
Magnetic Charging Stand & Bag Bundle
Magnetic Charging Stand & Bag Bundle
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A better Vader 3 Pro

The Vader 3 Pro was generally a well-received controller, with "pro" features for a relatively close price to standard first-party controllers. The Vader 4 Pro takes Flydigi's learnings and upgrades from the Apex 4 and executes them well - adjustable stick tension, upgraded mechanical buttons, and 1000 Hz polling rate - while keeping the hallmark of the V3P, which was being able to switch the triggers between analog and mouse clicks. Plus, with recent updates to Flydigi's Space Station software, now you can turn off the circularity and debounce algorithms for a truly raw feel, AND set the stick resolution too. Add in the standard stuff: deadzones, gyro, rumble, RGB settings - it's all here. And now it comes in (mostly) pure black. 5 stars.

Supatsakorn Jaisuk

Flydigi Vader 4 Pro Wireless Controller

Flydigi Vader 4 Pro Review

Best controller I have ever used. EXTREMELY accurate. These are the best settings that I have found and how to change them in the Flydigi Space Station app.

1. Plug in your Flysync dongle as well as your Vader 4 Pro via the provided cable.

2. Download Flydigi Space Station from the Flydigi website and install it.

3. After booting it up click on the cog wheel in the top right corner, click on settings, click on language and select the installation language as the top most language (looks like this 简体中文). Once the app boots up in Chinese you can update the controller and dongle (sometimes it will even update the app to a new version that hasn't made it to western countries yet).

4. Click on the cog wheel in the top right corner. Click on settings (looks like this 设置 with a cog wheel in front of it), click on language (it's the middle selection that has this 语言 with two other symbols in front of it), change the language to English in the drop down menu. App will restart in English.

5. In the "PC Config" go to each of the 4 profiles go to "Joystick" Set the "Joystick Center" to 4 (I found this setting the best deadzone value to avoid stick drift in games), scroll down and change "Circularity Algorithm" from Rectangle to Circle if you want perfect circularity. However, I prefer Rectangle due to less processing and snappier target acquisition (make sure to do all of these steps in all 4 profiles or at least for the ones you intend to use).

6. Click on "Function Settings" in the lower left corner of the app. Activate the "Quick Switch Configuration" toggle (allows you to change through the 4 profiles without the app by simply holding "select+a or select+b or select+x or select+y") toggle OFF Joystick Debounce, change Joystick Accuracy to 12 bit, make sure Joystick Polling Rate is set to 1000Hz, change Joystick Center Sensitivity from Middle to Fast. Congratulations, you are done!

I sincerely hope this helps everyone. I tried to be as descriptive as possible with the steps. I have found the Flydigi Vader 4 Pro to be by FAR the most accurate controller I have every tested after changing the above settings. Enjoy!

Ahren Groesch
Amazing. I love it.

I didn't know a controller could be and feel this good. The joysticks are more buttery smooth than I thought possible. They are sensitive to the slightest little touch. There is no jiggle. They don't seem to have any dead zone. The ability to adjust the tension on the sticks. He's wonderful. All the other buttons feel perfect with light touches. And I didn't think I would like the ability to turn the triggers into clicks as much as I do, it's a great feature.

vader 4 pro

fast shipping as always, great shape, ty

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